Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The Auditor-Controller Office’s mission is to promote public oversight, provide accountability, and support financial decision-making for the County.
As the Auditor-Controller’s Office carries out its vision and mission, it will conduct business with the highest ethical and due diligence standards and demonstrate commitment to the public, other County departments and agencies, and its own employees.

Vision Statement

The Auditor-Controller Office’s vision is to be the County’s trusted source of financial information to account for the past, direct the present, and shape the future.

Statement of Values

The Auditor-Controller has a statement of values which demonstrates our commitment to the public, the County and our employees by:

  • Conducting our business with the highest ethical standards
  • Protecting the public's interest
  • Treating our clients and employees with the utmost respect
  • Exceeding client and stakeholder expectations
  • Seeking opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our services
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of our employees
  • Rewarding innovation
  • Promoting an open and collaborative environment
  • Developing leadership skills at all organizational levels