Dates to Remember

January 1 Lien Date for Secured & Unsecured Properties
February 1 Second Installment Due
February 15 * Last Day to File and Receive the Full Homeowner's Exemption for the Current Roll Year
April 1 Business Property Statements Due
April 10 * Last Day to Pay Second Installment Before Penalties Are Added, Secured Property
May 7 * Last Day to file Business Property Statement Before a 10% Penalty is Added
May 31 * Last Day to Amend Statement for Errors and Omissions, Unsecured Property
July Assessor Mails Value Notices
July 2 First Day to File Assessment Appeal
July 31 * Last Day to Mail Billing Statements; Business Property Taxes Due; - Unsecured Property
August 31 * Last Day to Pay Unsecured Property Taxes Before Penalties Are Added
September Annual Secured Property Tax Bills Are Mailed
November 30 * Last Day to File Assessment Appeal
November 1 First Installment Due for Secured Taxes
December 10 * Last Day to Pay First Installment Before Penalties Are Added for Secured Property
* If this date falls on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the deadline is the next working day.